jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013


Hello KOTJ Records  Followers!!!

The Year Of The Snake just began!!! and St. Valentine's Day is here!!! Are you ready for Love??

We are very proud to announce you the next GHR releases that will be out in the next days, weeks and months...  

Keep an eye to our KOTJ Records frequently to be informed about what's new, and what's happening...  As must you know we can't stop to tame your ears with the greatest rock and roll bands all over the world!!!...  Want to prove it?? 


GHR-58 - The SMOGGERS (7") 4-Track EP (co-released with GHOST HIGHWAY Recordings) 

400 copies handnumbered (200 black / 200 purple)
A: - Beat A Go-Go! / - Need Your Lovin'
B: - Little Girl / - You Don't Want My Love 
Artwork by Christophe Lopez Huici 

Purple Vinyl

Black Vinyl

Spain is truly the Home of Garage Rock ! The SMOGGERS carry on this tradition !
Truly the Finest Amazing Fuzzed Out Trash that you are going to find on a 7” TODAY!!!

With Four Hyper Psycho tracks (each one under 2 minutes) you are going to be Breaking more than your Boots when you slap this rekkid on and have your own Beat A Go Go! I'd call it Hard Core Garage!! Of course it’s recorded in MONO under deft production by none other than That Maniac M i k e M a r i c o n d a ! ! !
Fernando and the boys will never let you down !
Michael K. , The CYNICS

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