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Smoggers en What Wave (Canada)

El amigo Dave del mitico fanzine What Wave en Canada nos pincha en su programa de Radio
Thanks Dave

Playlist May 24/2012

Finally a show without a topic....just cool rock'n'roll with lots of emphasis on the new stuff that's popped up recently.

1. The Gruesomes....What Wave....from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood on OG Records. First time we've played our theme song in ages and hopefully caught some listeners off guard.

2. BeeGees....In My Own Time...from their very first LP, simply titled Bee Gee's 1st.In mono and on Atco, Canadian pressing. For Robin Bee Gee who passed away the other day.

3. Eliza and The Strange...Disease...from their 2012 self titled debut LP. The are from Halifax, Nova Scotia and are now called Bloody Diamonds, which to me, reeks of late 70's psuedo metal.

4. Reply...Memphis Train...Toronto soul/mod/rock'n'roll combo from Toronto that put on killer live shows! See below, April 21/2012 at Brennan's, right here in sleepy London Ontario.

5. The Ballantynes...The Message...from their recent 7" on La Ti Da Records outta Vancouver. Features a former Tranzmitor or 2 on this soul drenched single.

6. Joey Ramone...7 Days Of Gloom...from his latest, ...Ya Know on BMG. Picked this one up at Walmart the other day.

7. The DeRellas...Go Go DeRella....UK combo on Dirty Water Records, again brand new.

8. Thee Walkin' Jacks...from their brand new online download, Drop Dead. Members of Liquid Vapours crank out some similar sounding trash rock'n'roll...from the east coast of Canada, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

9. Tom Jones....Jezebel...from a 7" on Third Man Records. Jeb Bond of The Evil Farm Children was ranting about Tom Jones awhile back, checked out some of his recent material and found out Jeb was right!! Tom Jones has released some pretty cool tunes recently!! Betcha never thought you'd hear Tom Jones on Radio What Wave! Or The Bee Gee's for that matter!! Blame Jeb!!

10. Terror Lake...Freehold...from the Haggard Beast Toronto comp that came out a few years back. Terror Lake are in town at The Black Shire Pub this saturday along with locals Psycho Daisies (Jack Whiteside of Uranus' latest combo) and Space Slave.

11. Terror Lake...Double Cross of Maxwell Pine....as above.

12. Flamin' Groovies...Move It... from their Now LP from 1978 and goes out to Rockin' Jack Whiteside as he used to play this tune in Uranus.

13. Bloodshot Bill...Cool Breeze...from a brand new 7" on Transistor 66 Records outta Winnipeg. played a little BB Radio ad right after this song. Below is BB at The Victoria Tavern here in sleepy London Ontario and someone's ass is catching Bill's attention!

14. The Phantom....Love Me...from the Lux Lives! download and Lux yammers excitedly about how great The Phantom is prior to the song starting.

15. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me....crazy psycho shit from sleepy London Ontario!

16. Boy From Nowhere...Borderline...live at The Brunswick Tavern in beautiful downtown London Ontario...recorded sometime around 1990 and is a carryover from our all live show last week. The Boy From Nowhere always knew how to rock and this here's the proof as they cover a DMZ tune. And speaking of DMZ, the band they morphed into, The Lyres hit Hamilton next weekend and the Boy From Nowhere's bass player will be playing bass for The Lyres. Below is bassist Brian Young borrowing my Vox Constellation IV for a gig at The Langarth Bar and Grill here in sleepy London in 1987.

17. The Troggs...Summertime...from a 7" and a bit of self indulgence for The Troggs who never get played on CHRW.

18. The Troggs...From Home...the flipside of Wild Thing.

19. The Troggs...I Can't Control Myself...now that I've played a set of Troggs i'm feeling much better. I'm gonna start trying to do this every show or 2, feature a band who never gets any airplay on this station, just for fun.

20. Living Deadbeats...Evil Hearted Blues...from their almost released 12"...LD will be in London for 2 shows in July and we'll be plugging them lots prior to...

21. T.H.E. ...Grilled Cheese....mystery band who mailed me a 3 song demo, hand written song titles and very little other info. We've sent the paperwork out to the local CSI who refuse to tell us anything other than this combo will be opening up for The Living Deadbeats London shows in July....and they say you should check them out!

22. The Chickens...Heart That Bleeds....from the Bring It On CD and a special request for regular listener Mike Burton who lost a friend to a car accident recently.

23. The Chickens...Summertime...from the Prepare to Plug In CD....a 4 shot of The Chickens for Mike. For those that don't know, The Chickens featured 4 members of UIC, the coolest band to ever come out of Exeter Ontario. UIC formed around 1980 and used to play London Ontario fairly regularly before moving on to Toronto and releasing several records and CD's....and their might just be another one coming out later this year.

24. The Chickens...Submarine Driver...from the Bring It On CD.

25. The Chickens...Super Bee...from the Prepare To Plug In CD. The Chickens used to make me dance my ass off! Everytime we saw them! Sadly,they packed it in about 5 or 6 years ago.

26. The Smoggers...Shame On You...brand new single from these Spanish garagepunkers...

Outta time, but certainly not outta tunes as we'll play even more new stuff on next week's Radio What Wave. Thanks for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!
Here's a link to the podcasts that are up for one week only:



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